10  Frame Langstroth Design

This ASSEMBLED Bee Hive is painted in WHITEand can be purchased as a set OR separate boxes.


1 Deep + 1 Medium Assembled $325

1 Deep + 2 Medium Assembled $460

Deep Assembled STAINED GLASS BEE $170

Medium Assembled (STAINED GLASS FLOWERS OR BEE) $ 155

** Please note:  If you are purchasing a set with just 1 MEDIUM box and 1 Deep,  in "Need Something Special" Box which MEDIUM box you would like:  Stained Glass Flowers or Stained Glass Just Bees




Stained Glass Bee Only Medium, Stained Glass Flowers and Honeycomb Medium, Telescoping Hive Cover, Screened Bottom Board


IN STOCK: Stained Glass Bee with Flowers Set ASSEMBLED

Hive Box Configuration
  • I stock the 2 main LANGSTROTH sizes that are used for bee keeping:

    DEEP Brood Box - 9 5/8" Large 10 FRAME hive body 

    MEDIUM SUPER - 6 5/8" Medium 10 FRAME hive body 


    Assembled hives are squared, glued, nailed.  I also put a wood screw in the top sides for extra reinforcement during hive inspections.


    Unassembled hives are sent with nails and assembly instructions.


    Exterior grade latex paint with satin polyurethane finish for weather & fade resistance.


    The Bee Boxes are painted all the way around with the hand painted detail on the front and both sides.  There will be slight variations because they are all hand painted.  Also, there may be slight variations depending on what size hive body you get.  I always make sure no matter the style you choose, that the artwork is placed best to suit the size of the box.



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